Avoid Packing Hair Dye in Hand Luggage

Newark Airport Travel Tips

It can be tricky to pack your carry-on luggage with all of the restrictions that airlines, airports and the government have put in place. Because of that, there are a plethora of items that you can’t take via Newark Airport travel. While some of these items are pretty obvious, such as weapons, others aren’t. In fact, who knew that hair dye would be on the banned list?

Newark Airport Travel Ban on Hair Dye

If you plan to change your hair color on a trip, you should wait to buy the product when you get to your destination. Hair dye contains peroxide, which is a prohibited chemical in carry-on luggage. The reason that it’s restricted is because it falls under the Chemicals and Toxic Substances category. In fact, any organic peroxides and oxidizers, including bleach, are banned from planes.

The Consequences of Breaking the Rules

When you pass through airport security with prohibited items in your bags, you could face expensive consequences. Security staff can not only remove and keep the items, but they can also slap you with a fine. This kind of stressful situation isn’t the best way to start off a flight, and you can prevent it. However, which items are restricted isn’t always cut and dry.

Check Before You Pack

Not all airports and airlines ban the same items from hand luggage. Also, you might not think that some items are prohibited. For example, spreadable toppings like honey and jam are banned because they’re a safety risk. The reason is that they count as a liquid, so airports and airlines only allow 100 millimeters on planes.

The same goes for soft cheeses that can melt down into a liquid. Some examples include cream cheese, goat’s cheese and brie. Hard cheeses, though, are usually fine. Since airports and airlines can have different restrictions, it’s important to review the list of banned items each time you fly.

More Newark Airport Travel Tips

Even after you carefully pack your carry-on bag, it doesn’t hurt to double check that you don’t have any prohibited items inside. A good place to do that is while unloading your car after parking. However, parking at Newark Airport is often difficult and expensive.

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