Beware of Hidden Hotel Fees

hotel feesAs you may have already (and unfortunately) found out, hotels can be sneaky when it comes to fees. When you book your stay, sometimes the price you see isn’t exactly the price you’ll pay. We’ve found some common hotel fees that you may not know about until after you’ve checked out:

Housekeeping/Bellman Gratuity

Most travelers appreciate housekeeping and bellman services and often tip them for their services. What you may not know, however, is that some hotels add a $10-$30 fee to your stay to cover gratuities for housekeeping and bellman staff members.

In-Room Safe

Some hotels will charge you $1-$3 simply for the convenience of having a safe in your room – even if it’s never opened.


If a newspaper shows up outside your door in the morning, expect to pay a small fee for the “convenience.”


Our Newark Airport long term parking members (and many travelers) know that if you drink the items in a minibar, you’ll be charged for them. What many don’t know, however, is that you can be charged for an item even if you just pick it up and put it back. Doing so triggers a sensor and you’ll pay for the item you picked up. Some sensors are so sensitive, you may be charged even if you simply jostle the items. If you want to avoid any mistakes and ask for the minibar to be cleared, you could end up paying a hefty restocking fee of up to $50.

Checking In/Out

If your plans change, your hotel may allow you to check in early or check out late, but it may also slap you with a fee for doing so.


Parking at certain hotels isn’t always as cheap as our Newark Airport parking facility, so beware. Valet parking almost always has a fee (usually around $25 or more per night), but you may also be charged simply to park at the hotel.

Water & Snacks

If you find a nice little array of bottled waters and packaged snacks like nuts or chocolates in your room, there’s a good chance they’re not free. If you open anything, you’ll likely be charged anywhere from $4-$8.


You’ll most likely be charged a few dollars a night for the efforts put in to keep grass cut, flowers in bloom, and hedges trimmed – especially if you stay somewhere with lush landscaping.