Beware of These 8 Unnecessary Airline Fees

airline fees

Our EWR Airport parking members have flown enough to tell you that there are some truly unnecessary fees that airlines charge their passengers. From seats to carry-ons to human contact, you almost never know where there will be a hidden travel fee. Here are some of the most popular ones and how you can avoid them:

Frequent Flier Mile Usage

Being part of a frequent flier program means you’re loyal to a certain airline and are rewarded for your loyalty with frequent flier miles. This sounds wonderful, however, some airlines will charge you a fee to actually use those miles, so before you join a program, look into the redemption policy.

Overweight/Oversize Baggage

Recently, airlines have decided to be a little stricter when it comes to luggage sizes and weights allowed on a plane. Today, the average accepted weight of a checked bag is usually 50 pounds and the size is usually a combined 62 inches. However, if your bag is larger or heavier than these numbers, you could pay up to $200 extra per bag.

Same-Day Travel Change

If something goes wrong on the day of your flight and you want to change it to an earlier or later flight, you’ll need to pay to do so. Airlines charge anywhere between $50 and $100 for a same-day travel change.

Unaccompanied Minor

Before you book a flight for your child, look into the airline’s “minors” policy. If your child is at a certain age and doesn’t have someone to accompany them while they fly, you may have to pay an “unaccompanied minor” fee of $50-$100 on top of the cost of your child’s ticket.


Yes, seats. If you’re flying with friends or family and want to sit together, you may have to pay an extra $3-$15 each just to pick seats that are next to each other.

Ticket Cancellation

If you’re buying a non-refundable plane ticket, make absolutely sure you’re able to fly during that time. Non-refundable plane tickets are about half the cost of refundable tickets, however, if you decide you need to cancel your flight, it’ll cost you anywhere between $50 and $250 to do so.

Non-Internet Reservation

That’s right – if you book your reservation via a real, live person, you could be charged extra. Fees run from $15-$30 for a non-Internet reservation. You may also have to pay an extra fee if you have to have the airline print your boarding pass for you (instead of printing it on your own).


Many airlines allow you one carry-on bag free of charge (while checked bags will cost you). Low-cost carriers, however, try to make up for their low prices with extra fees and could charge you anywhere from $25 to $100 one-way for your carry-on bag.