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Delayed or Canceled Flight? Here’s What to Do

cancelled flights

If you’re a frequent flier, you’ve most likely experienced a delayed or canceled flight. Our EWR Airport parking members know that sudden plan changes can be both scary and frustrating (especially if it’s a first-time experience). Here’s what to do if it happens to you:

Act Quickly

As soon as you find out your flight is delayed or canceled, contact your airline. (The best thing to do is get in line for an airline agent and get on the phone with the airline. That way, you’re guaranteed to have the fastest service.)

Try Another Airline

All of the people who were supposed to be on your flight will also be trying to find an alternate route, which means the next available flight to your destination may be booked fast. Ask an airline agent to see if there’s a flight with another airline (that won’t charge you a penalty for the change.)

Bumped from a Flight?

Airlines sometimes overbook their flights, which means you could be “bumped” from your scheduled flight. Many will ask for volunteers to be bumped from the flight, but if you get bumped involuntarily, you’re entitled to double the one-way price of your flight if you get to your destination 1-2 hours later than scheduled and quadruple the one-way price of your flight if you get to your destination over two hours later than scheduled.

Tarmac Delays

Sometimes, a flight can be delayed on the tarmac before it takes off or after it lands. However, the Department of Transportation prohibits most U.S. airlines from keeping a flight on the tarmac for more than three hours (unless there is a safety or security reason for doing so).

Be Patient

We know you might be anxious to get to your destination, but be patient while you’re waiting for your flight. Pass the time reading a book or wandering around the airport. Or for more ideas, check out our blog post on How to Pass the Time In an Airport.