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How Early Should I Arrive at Newark International Airport?

Newark International Airport TSA

One of the great debates in travel circles is how early you should arrive at Newark International Airport before your flight. There are many schools of thought on this matter. Some travelers prefer to arrive hours before their scheduled flight. Others prefer to push the envelope by showing up right before their flight boards. Some argue it’s a matter of preference, but for those of you wanting to know the best time to arrive at the Newark International Airport before your flight, Newark Airport Long Term Parking has the answer for you.

Airport and TSA Recommendations

Simply put, you should arrive at EWR two hours prior to a domestic flight and three hours for international travel. For travelers who don’t fly often, this is excellent advice. This is more than enough time to check your bags, get through security, and find your gate. If you are flying during the holidays or special events, be sure to add extra time.

There are also some not-so-obvious reasons airports and the TSA want you to arrive early for your flight. If you arrive at Newark International Airport early, you will have more time to go shopping or have a delicious meal in one of their restaurants. The TSA does not want to feel rushed while they are doing their job, no matter how lengthy the lines are.

Another Point of View

Unlike the TSA and airports, many airlines advise that travelers arrive two hours prior to international flights, and 90 minutes for domestic trips. This can vary depending on the airline. For example, United Airlines recommends that if you are not checking luggage to show up one hour before a domestic flight, and 90 minutes if you will check luggage. Most airlines don’t want passengers hanging out in the boarding areas for too long. If you are an experienced traveler, you might be able to swing these shorter timelines.

These time recommendations don’t account for parking, though. While many travelers think onsite parking at Newark Airport is a good option, you can actually save both time and money by parking off-site at Newark Airport Long Term Parking.

The Smart Choice: Newark Airport Long Term Parking

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