How to Keep Your Diet in Check on Vacation: Part 1

healthy eating

Chances are you’ve been on a vacation and have let your healthy eating habits go by the wayside. While you may enjoy the ice cream, pastries, and craft beers while you’re in the moment, you probably won’t enjoy it when your waistline shows all of the calories you consumed. For your next vacation, make it a point to eat well – you’ll feel much better about yourself and your body will thank you.

Here are some tips from our EWR Airport parking members:

Eat In

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to eat out for every meal – especially when you probably don’t know exactly what’s in those meals. Instead, save some money (and some calories) and eat in. Stop by a supermarket and pick up some healthy oatmeal or granola bars for breakfast. Or grab some lunch meat, cheese, and bread for some sandwiches. If you’re staying at a bed & breakfast or a hotel with a kitchen, you can even cook your own dinner.

Halve Your Meal

Restaurants tend to serve up large portions and because most people will eat what’s in front of them, it’s easy to take in way more than you need to. If you’re going out for dinner, ask the chef to split your meal in half and immediately wrap one half to go. This way, you’ll only eat half of the large portion (in reality, a proper portion) and you can save the other half for leftovers.

Avoid Sugary Cocktails

If you’re on a cruise or lounging on the beach, it’s hard not to order a pina colada. However, that pina colada is packed with way more sugar and carbs than you realize – and more than one will add up fast. When ordering drinks, skip the heavy, smoothie-type cocktails and opt for something lighter, like a vodka and club or a gin and tonic. If you’re a beer drinker, skip the calorie-heavy IPAs and opt for a session ale or a pilsner instead.


If you’re not dedicated to making a fitness routine part of your vacation, the least you can do to keep your diet in check is walk. Before you head to a restaurant, museum, monument, or other activity on your list, find out how far it is from your hotel. If it’s close enough, skip the public transportation and walk there instead. You’ll not only take in more scenery, you’ll burn some calories along the way.

Remember Your Fruits and Veggies

With so many lush, tempting food options, it’s easy to forget about your fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are not only a much better choice than refined sugars or carbs, but they’re also important for many vitamins and minerals. Make sure you have at least a couple servings per day.

Eat for Hunger

When you’re on vacation, it’s easy to simply eat because there are interesting food options available. However, you should always ask yourself one question before you buy that snack or stop for an early lunch: “Am I hungry?” While incredibly simple, this question can help you keep overeating at bay. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat – your body will tell you when it’s in need of food.

Make Good Choices

This is perhaps the simplest way to keep your diet in check while you’re away. Even if you’re tempted to order something you know is bad for you, resist the urge and opt for something good for you instead. Instead of the steak, try salmon; instead of fries, try green beans; instead of a bagel, try granola. There are many different things you can eat that are not only just as delicious, but that will also leave you feeling full and happy.