How to Keep Your Diet in Check on Vacation: Part 2

healthy-vacationAt our Newark Airport parking company, we know how hard it is to eat well while you’re on vacation. Last week, we wrote part 1 of How to Keep Your Diet in Check on Vacation and we offered some tips to help you stay in control and still have a great trip. In part 2, we offer a few more suggestions:

Pack Snacks

If you’re going to be spending the day out (whether it’s exploring a city, going on a hike, lounging on the beach, etc.), pack your own healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit, granola bars, and more. You’ll not only stay satisfied, but you’ll avoid the urge to spontaneously indulge in something unhealthy when you’re hungry.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Vacations are exciting and it’s easy to skip breakfast and immediately start your day. However, skipping breakfast isn’t a great idea. Instead, make your breakfast the time to take in some fruits, veggies, and protein (and skip the bagels and pastries). You’ll give yourself some healthy energy for the rest of your morning.

Take the Stairs

If you’re in a building with an elevator, choose the stairs instead and take the opportunity to burn some extra calories. Or, you can always check out a historical church or a tower – both of which usually require you to climb a few flights of stairs to reach the top.

Customize Your Meals

If you’re planning on eating out for some of your meals, don’t be afraid to customize your entree in order to make it a healthier option. For example, ask the chef to substitute a vegetable for your mashed potatoes or fruit for your fries. Also, stick to water instead of sugary sodas or iced teas. You’ll feel much better by the end of your meal.

Eat Slowly

Vacation is all about relaxing and taking everything in, right? Keep this in mind when you eat. Many people eat quickly and don’t give their bodies enough time to register that they’re full. This, of course, leads to overeating. Instead, eat slowly and savor each bite (as well as your surroundings). You’ll likely eat less and enjoy everything a little more.

Go for a Run

While the idea of going for a run may not sound so appealing while you’re on vacation, think of it as a way to explore the area you’re in (as well as a way to get your blood flowing and burn some calories). Run on the beach, through a park, or along a river to make things more scenic.