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Leave the EWR Car Parking to Us

EWR car parking

Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip, there are many exciting things about travel. Some love flying on an airplane. Others love staying in a hotel. And some love dining out. Parking your car at EWR, however, is simply one of those things that travelers don’t look forward to. That’s why there’s Newark Airport Long Term Parking. We want you to leave the EWR car parking to us.

Our company is an off-site airport parking company located just a couple miles from Newark Airport. We’re open 24 hours and offer both short-term and long-term parking for travelers of any kind. When you park with us, you’ll enjoy affordable prices, top-of-the-line security, fast shuttles, luggage care, and more. We work hard to satisfy our customers and give them the best EWR car parking experience possible.


Nothing is worse than circling a parking lot over and over looking for an empty parking space. Sometimes the time pays off and one opens up, but other times, you end up out of luck. The same thing can happen at Newark Airport. If you arrive to catch your flight and there’s nowhere to park, you could be in trouble. Don’t let that happen. Make a reservation with NALTP and we’ll set aside your very own EWR car parking space. You’ll never have to worry about availability when you choose us!


What’s better than having your own parking space? Having someone park your car for you in that space! At NALTP, we offer valet parking, which lets you hand over your keys as soon as you arrive and not worry about a thing after that. One of our professional drivers will park your car for you while you hop onto one of our comfortable shuttles. When you return after your trip, we’ll have your car waiting for you and ready to go. It will be cooled down in the summer and warmed up in the winter!

Car Care

If you’re looking for EWR car parking that’s better than traditional, consider our car care services. At NALTP, we offer car care service that’s located right on site. These car experts can have your car washed, waxed, or detailed while you’re away. They can also change your oil, fill up your gas tank, restore your headlights, remove scratches, and more! All you have to do is tell us what you’d like for your car while you’re on your trip and we’ll have it done. You’ll come back to a car that looks beautiful and won’t have to take the time to make an appointment elsewhere.

Discover why EWR car parking is simply different with NALTP. Make your parking reservation today and park your car with confidence.