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New Year, New Chance to Save on Travel


In just a few days, we’ll be ringing in a new year and with it, a long list of resolutions that include kicking bad habits, being healthier, making better decisions, and more. If traveling is one of your new year’s resolutions, why not make it traveling smarter? We have a few tips from our Newark Airport parking members on how to save on travel in the new year:

Take Advantage of Flash Sales

If you have the ability to travel spontaneously, make it a point to take advantage of flash sales. Follow airlines and hotel companies on social media and if available, sign up for their email notifications. If you’re flexible on where you want to go and when, you’ll find offers you can’t refuse for affordable flights and hotel accommodations.

Get a Travel Credit Card

If you travel often, getting a travel credit card can help you earn points each time you spend money on flights or hotels. Before you apply, consider the many different options (a basic travel credit card, an airline-specific credit card, or a hotel-specific credit card) and the fees or spending requirements attached to them. Then, start earning your fair share of points you can use toward future travel.

Set Budgets

It’s easy to let go when you’re on vacation and if you’ve ever come back with less money than you intended, you know the feeling. This year, make it a point to set a budget for your vacations and stick to it. You may even want to consider putting your money on a pre-paid debit card and using just that card while you’re away – this way you won’t accidentally spend more than you want to.

Weigh Your Lodging Options

With Airbnb becoming more and more popular every year, you may want to consider staying in one instead of a hotel. In many cities throughout the world, Airbnb listings are cheaper than hotel listings and can offer nearly as much (maybe even more!) than larger chain companies. Before you go, weigh both options and find out which would fit your budget better.

Start Looking Early

The key to getting the best deal on a flight is to start looking early. Flight prices change at the drop of a hat, so pay attention to the way they fluctuate for several months before you book. This way, once a good price presents itself, you’ll know that you should book it fast.