Tips to Get Through Airport Security Quickly

Tips to Get Through Airport Security

When it comes to your next vacation or business trip you shouldn’t be dreading traveling! Things should go smoothly from the time you park your car to the time you board your plane. If you’d like to start off your trip the right way, book your safe Newark Airport parking accommodations at NALTP. Located just two minutes away from EWR, our secure facility provides everything you need to have the most safe and convenient parking experience in Newark.

One of the other major headaches individuals experience when they travel is going through security. In this blog we’ll provide you with some helpful tips to help you get through security at Newark Airport quickly and with minimal hassle.

1. Sign Up for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck makes it easier to get through airport security. You have to apply for this program twice, once online and once in person. There is fee, and you have to renew your membership every five years, but it’s worth it if you fly frequently. For an extra fee, you can sign up for Global Entry for easy re-entrance into the United States.

2. Pack Your Bags Carefully

Certain items are only permitted in checked luggage. If you pack restricted items in your carry-on bag, you may find yourself stuck in the security line for longer than you intended. This can be a nightmare if you are already late for your flight. Check the regulations on any items you are unsure about before you pack.

3. Special Laptop Luggage Saves Time

The TSA has to inspect your laptop before sending you on your way. You can use a TSA-approved laptop bag so it doesn’t have to be removed at the checkpoint and then repacked. This can help you save a few minutes in line and eliminate the hassle of unpacking and repacking.

4. Download the Mobile Passport App

The mobile passport app is authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, but it isn’t available at every airport yet. You don’t have to go through a background check to use the app. Simply enter your information and enjoy faster security lanes at select airports.

5. Dress for Success

The TSA requires shoes, belts, and jackets to be removed at the security checkpoint. Slip-on shoes are your friend when you are trying to get through security quickly. Avoid strappy sandals, belts, excessive jewelry, and clothing with extra hardware on your travel days.

Safe Newark Airport Parking

We’re Proud to Offer Safe Newark Airport Parking & Much More

When it comes to finding safe Newark Airport parking, you get what you pay for. It’s always a good idea to park with a company you can trust. While Newark Airport Long Term Parking may not be the cheapest option, we are most certainly the safest. Our convenient, secure parking services have earned us the title “The All-Stars of Parking.” While other parking services may claim to offer convenient Newark Airport parking at a lower price, they aren’t always the safest, easiest option. Here are just a few of the helpful benefits that make parking at NALTP the best choice for safe Newark Airport parking:

Our LTP Club

Do you want to earn points that can be redeemed for free, safe Newark Airport parking? Sign up for our LTP Club and we will give you ten points right away. Earn an LTP point each day you park with us. Once you have ten, we will give you a free day of parking on the house!

Fast Newark Airport Shuttle Service

Navigating the EWR parking lot is time-consuming, and other parking services may have you waiting around forever after check-in before you are on your way to the airport. When you park with us, we will drive you to Newark Airport in one of our speedy shuttles as soon as you get checked in. We’re located only 2 minutes away!

Electric Charging Stations

Does your electric car need to be charged while you’re away? We’ve installed EV charging stations from ChargePoint at our facility. Simply let us know that you’d like your car charged, and we will be sure to have it ready to hit the road when you return from your trip.

Licensed by the Port Authority

Illegal offsite parking facilities may be cheap, but they are not safe. Most of these companies are uninsured, and they will park your car out on the street where it could get damaged. These unlicensed companies can take over an hour to get you to the airport. NALTP is licensed by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, so you can be sure you’re getting safe Newark Airport parking with us.

Book Your EWR Airport Parking Reservation Today

If you have an upcoming trip don’t forget to book your Newark Airport parking reservations in advance! Reserving ahead of time is the only way to guarantee a spot on your departure day. Especially during peak travel times you’ll want to secure your safe Newark Airport parking ahead of time.