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15 Vacation Tips from Frequent Travelers

Make Your Trip Easier

Our Newark Airport parking members love taking vacations and are always looking for some great advice to heed on their next journey. We scoured the internet for some of the best tips from frequent travelers. Here’s what we found:

1. Make a list of everything you want to pack – even the things that are “a given.” This way, you can check off your items as you go and after you’re all done, you can double-check to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

2. If your destination is in the U.S. and you’re renting a car, check to see if your EZ-Pass (if you have one) applies to the roads you’ll be traveling. You’ll not only save time, but you’ll also save money.

3. When choosing a security line at the airport, don’t look at the length of the line – look at the security agent. The one who works the fastest will get you through the line quickly.

4. Make a list of all of the locations you’d like to visit and their addresses. Then, either print out the list or enter it in your phone and keep it with you. This ensures that you’ll know where your destination is even if you don’t have Internet access.

5. If you’re traveling overseas, note that many banks will charge you hefty fees to use your credit card in foreign locations. To avoid this, try to limit your credit card use and pay with the country’s native currency instead.

6. Wake up at sunrise and hit the tourist attractions early. You’ll have a better chance of having them to yourself and won’t have to worry about large crowds.

7. Pack a reusable water bottle for your flight. Keep it empty as you go through security and fill it before you board. You’ll not only have water whenever you need it, but it’s also a good idea because airplane water isn’t as clean as you’d think.

8. Remember that tipping is different all around the world. In some countries, it’s included in your bill and in other countries, it’s just not customary. For a little insight, check out our blog “Dining Around the World.”

9. Stash small amounts of cash in different places, such as your socks, your hotel safe, your toiletry bag, and your suitcase. This way, if you lose your wallet or you are robbed, you’ll at least have some backup money.

10. Be open-minded. Traveling is all about trying new experiences (especially if you’re visiting a different country with a different culture), so treat your vacation as an opportunity to broaden your horizons and try something new.

11. If you’re traveling with children, pack plenty of hand-sanitizer, wipes, tissues, stain remover, and napkins or paper towels – kids are messy and you never know when something will need to be cleaned.

12. When planning a cruise, opt for a four-day package during the week instead of a three-day package over the weekend. Many times you’ll find packages during the week to be cheaper.

13. On long flights, stretch regularly and walk around frequently to prevent blood clots from forming. You’ll also help alleviate swollen legs, swollen feet, backaches, and fatigue.

14. Take a bottle of baby powder with you when you go to the beach. When it comes time to get the sand off of you, just sprinkle it on and the sand will fall right off.

15. Print out the confirmation page of every reservation you make, whether it’s for a restaurant, hotel, attraction, etc. This way, if the company can’t find your reservation, you’ll have proof that you made one.