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Which Type of Luggage Lock Is Right for You?

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Whether you travel once a year or once a month, keeping your belongings safe is a priority. One way you can do this is by using locks on your luggage – but with so many out there, which one is the best to choose? Luggage locks should not only be TSA-approved, but should also be reliable and easy to use. Here, we share some of the most popular types of locks.

First of All…

Before you choose a lock, you should know what is and what isn’t accepted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Because there are times the TSA needs to inspect your luggage further than a basic screening, your bags should have locks that can be accessed by a “master” key and don’t have to be cut. Locks usually have a note on their packaging that says whether or not they’re TSA-approved, so look for a label before you buy.

Key Locks

One type of basic lock that you can use for your luggage is a key lock. These locks simply snap closed and come with a key to unlock them. While they’re easy enough to use, you’ll have to make sure to not lose your key so you can get into your luggage.

Dial/Combination Locks

Another type of basic lock is a dial lock that features three or four spinning number wheels. With these locks, you can choose one number per wheel to create a number combination that unlocks the lock. These come in handy because you can reset the number combination when you want to and don’t have to worry about a key.

Word Locks

Word locks are just like dial locks, however, they use letters instead of numbers. This lets you choose a word instead of a number combination, which can be helpful for those who have trouble remembering numbers.

Keycard Locks

Keycard locks are some of the newest luggage locks on the market. They use a keycard (about the size of a credit card) with a chip that reacts with the chip in the lock in order to open it. These locks operate similar to a hotel keycard and are more difficult to break into than other standard locks.

Cable Locks

Cable locks usually come in a dial lock form, but with a cable as the “hook” instead of a solid piece of metal. This allows more flexibility and movement as your bag travels. In addition, you can find cable locks with double loops that allow you to attach the lock to two different areas or cable locks with retractable cables that allow you to lock several bags together, lock your bags to a bed frame, and more.

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