10 Travel Resolutions for 2014

travel resolutionsWas there something you wish you did last year, but just never got around to? Well, it’s a new year and a new chance to make some great travel resolutions. Our EWR Airport parking company has 15 to get your list going:

1. Go someplace new.

Many people have a destination that they head to every year, so this year, pick a new place and experience something different.

2. Take more photos.

It doesn’t matter if you take a trip across the state or to another country – break out the camera and take more pictures wherever you go.

3. Travel solo.

Traveling by yourself can be very rewarding, especially if you haven’t done it before. A solo trip can give you time to reflect, relax, make new friends, and find yourself.

4. Get a passport.

Once you get a passport, you won’t have to worry about renewing it for ten years and you’ll have the freedom to travel to any country you want.

5. Have more patience.

Do you get frustrated when your flight is delayed? Or when the hotel concierge can’t find your hotel reservation? Make it a point to take a breath and be more patient this year.

6. Experience a culture shock.

If you speak English and have only been to English-speaking countries, step out of your comfort zone and head to France, Spain, Germany, or somewhere you wouldn’t think to go.

7. Take a road trip.

Road trips are great for unwinding, spending some time with friends, and stopping by a few different cities along the way.

8. Stop overpacking.

A few days before you go on a trip, lay out all of the things you want to bring. Then, the day before you leave, reevaluate and pack the things you’re actually going to wear or use.

9. Talk to a local.

Whether you head just a few hundred miles south or to another country, make it a point to talk to a local. They can tell you about the area and can most likely direct you to some of the town’s hidden gems.

10. Switch things up.

If you’re someone who plans all of your trips, let someone else plan one for a chance. On the other hand, if you never plan trips, take charge and plan one yourself.