8 Great Affordable International Vacations


Taking an international vacation is on most people’s bucket lists, and while many have cities like Paris or Rome on their list, more budget-savvy travelers know that there are many other countries that offer a great trip for a much lower price. Here are some of our favorite affordable vacations from our Newark Airport parking company members:


When it comes to currency, one American dollar is equal to 274 Hungarian forints. (In a comparison, one dollar is equal to less than one Euro.) This means you can enjoy more for less when traveling to Hungary. Visit Budapest for beautiful architecture, famous thermal spas, delicious pastries, and some surprisingly lush hikes. Plus, train tickets and many three-star hotels are very affordable.


Most people don’t think of Vietnam as a popular vacation spot, but it’s actually quite beautiful with its breathtaking green landscapes, ice blue waters, cliffside mountains, and more. And the best part is because most of the country isn’t a touristy destination, you’ll enjoy relaxing seclusion as well as affordable housing, food, and drinks.


Despite its popularity, it’s still relatively cheap to take a trip to Jamaica. You can find great deals on airfare and hotel rooms nearly year-round (for the cheapest prices, travel between June and October) and the island is full of serene beaches and local fare. Plus, temperatures average around 80 degrees year-round for warmth during the day and comfortable, cool nights.


One of the great things about Malaysia is that English is widely spoken and there are plenty of things to do, from water parks to indoor theme parks to tropical beaches and more. And with an exchange rate of one American dollar to four Malaysian Ringgits, you can enjoy it all on a budget – especially if you take advantage of the cheap air travel within the country through AirAsia.


For a taste of South America, head to Argentina and enjoy a bright, lively culture that’s filled with an exciting nightlife, delicious food, colorful murals, and beautiful scenery complete with towering waterfalls. Stay on the outskirts of Buenos Aires to keep the trip in budget or head to the jungles of La Pampa or to Patagonia, the most southerly city in the world.


Even though Spain’s Euro isn’t as low of an exchange rate as some other countries’ currencies, you can still take an affordable trip to Barcelona and enjoy the Mediterranean culture. Instead of a hotel, try something like Airbnb for a more authentic experience and once you’re there, explore the city for some unique architecture and delicious lunch, then relax on the beach by the beautiful blue waters.


Not many head to this North African country, making it a great place for a getaway. With a low cost of living, travelers can enjoy affordable dwellings, authentic cuisine, and cheap public transportation. Plus, scenery ranges from mountains to beaches to waterfalls to the Sahara Desert, so no matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll be able to find it.


Greece’s economy has been going through a difficult time, which means a vacation to the country is more affordable than ever. While some of the more popular islands (like Santorini or Mykonos) are still relatively pricey, quieter islands like Paros or Skiathos are great for budget travelers. Plus, there are ferries that run in between islands if you feel like island hopping and enjoying a good chunk of the culture.