Best Airlines for Families, Business Travelers

airlinesIf you’re a frequent flier, you probably know by now that not every airline is created equal – there are those that are better for flying with small children and those that are better if you’re traveling for business. Here’s our guide to choosing the best one for you:

For Families

Many of the best airlines for those traveling with kids are internationally-based (since they have more financial resources to cater to kids), which is good news to those who visit family in another country or frequently vacation abroad.

(Remember  to look for pre-boarding privileges when you book your flight. You’ll be able to board before others so you’re able to sit together.)

Singapore Airlines

If you’re traveling with infants, Singapore Airlines offers an array of bassinets. Older children are offered Hasbro toys, a special kids’ menu, and access to over 1,000 on-demand movies, games, and more.

British Airways

This airline features a “Feed Kids First” program, which means that when your in-flight meal is served, your kids will be fed first (which helps eliminate impatience). Kids will also get activity packs with games and activities.

Virgin Atlantic

In addition to bassinets for babies, Virgin offers custom seats for kids called “care chairs,” a backpack with a book, hat, watch, candy, and coloring pen, and an array of in-flight entertainment options.

Gulf Air

Gulf Air may take the cake on amenities: For kids under 12, the airline offers a Sky Nanny service that will show you to your seats, suggest dining times for kids, and provide you with anything you may have forgotten (diapers, lotions, baby wipes, etc.).

For Business Travelers

Business travel isn’t all bad – especially when you’re able to sit in Business Class for your flight. These days, airlines have been raising the bar on amenities offered to business travelers and like the family-friendly airlines, many airlines that cater to business men and women are internationally-based.

Qantas Airways

In its International Business class, this airline offers an in-flight bar, a dinner menu created with the help of Neil Perry (an Australian chef and restauranteur), a “skybed” with massage settings, and personal on-demand entertainment.

Etihad Airways

This airline’s Pearl Business Class offers a privacy shell with each flat bed seat, restaurant specialists to recommend your dining and beverage pairings, and a complimentary limo service once you arrive at your destination.

Virgin Atlantic

When you travel via Virgin’s Upper Class, you can enjoy a reclining leather seat that opens into a bed (with an actual mattress), a massage or manicure, your three-course meal available when you want it, and personal in-flight entertainment system.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand’s Business Premier class offers self-service refreshment areas, an ottoman that doubles as a “visitor’s seat,” and an amenity kit with lip balm, moisturizer, eye cream, eye shades, a toothbrush, and more.

The next time you travel, be sure to fly one of these airlines for the best family or business experience; and if you fly out of Newark Liberty International Airport, don’t forget to park with our Newark airport parking company.