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Get Newark Airfare Alerts and More from These 5 Websites

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At our Newark Airport parking company, we love traveling, but we also like saving money. We’ve found a few websites (and most, with apps) that get you to airfare alerts, destination deals, and more so you can travel happily on a budget.


Website: www.yapta.com
App: Yes

Yapta’s goal is to make sure you pay the lowest amount for your flight. Once you create an account, you’ll have a My Trips profile that lets you choose which specific flights you’d like to track and you’ll get alerts to their current prices. It also lets you track airline refunds, credits, and vouchers in case the price of your flight dropped after you bought it.


Website: www.airfarewatchdog.com
App: Yes

Once you create an Airfarewatchdog account, you can track City-to-City alerts, where you can choose specific cities and be alerted to round-trip fares. You can also use Anywhere That’s Cheap alerts, which give you the cheapest round-trip fares for flights departing from your area. The website also has a Meet Me in St. Louis alert that gives you round-trip fares from multiple destinations to a single city, as well as regular updates on money-saving travel ideas.


Website: www.farecompare.com
App: Yes

FareCompare gives you a My Trips section (after you’ve signed up, of course) where you can enter your home or closest airport and the destinations you want to go to. You can provide flexible trip dates, specific trip dates, and/or alerts for anytime travel. The website also gives you travel advice and alerts you to flight sales.


Website: www.smartertravel.com
App: No

After you sign up for an account using your email address, SmarterTravel lets you choose from various travel deal alerts and airfare alerts like the City to City Route Alert, which gives you alerts on round-trip travel to specific cities. There’s also the Deal Alert that gives you the best travel deals and offers daily travel advice, along with the Departure City Fare Alert that alerts you to the lowest-priced flights leaving from your area (or another city you choose).


Website: www.kayak.com
App: Yes

Kayak is one of the most popular tools that travelers use. It not only lets you compare flights on multiple websites, but you can also register for an account that gives you access to a My Trips profile. The profile lets you track your upcoming trips and create flight price alerts (for exact dates, flexible dates, or to the top 25 cities you want to travel to). You can also use the Explore feature (as seen above) to see what it would cost you to fly to nearly any city from your current location. You can type in a specific airfare price range and Kayak will alert you when the flight you want is available in that range.