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If You Haven’t Tried Google Flights…

Google Flights

You’ve undoubtedly heard about travel websites like Kayak and Expedia that can help you find the best price for flights, but have you heard about Google Flights? It’s worth checking out. Like many other websites, it lets you check the prices of one-way and round-trip flights to and from certain destinations, but it also has a few other handy features.

If you want a new getaway…

Google Flights offers a feature called “discover destinations” that gives you the opportunity to discover somewhere new.

Once you type in your preferred dates of travel, you can then select a continent you want to explore. Google will bring up a map and pinpoint some of the most popular destinations on that continent. When you click on one, you’ll get a list of the lowest airfares and lowest hotel prices for that city.

It also lets you choose your destination based on your interest, such as “honeymoon,” “culture,” “beaches,” and more. This is a great tool for finding a new getaway destination.

If you want to get the best deal…

Who doesn’t want the best deal on their upcoming trip? Google Flights offers a flight tracking feature that lets you monitor the fluctuation of your flight’s prices; all you have to do is enter the “to” and “from” destinations and the dates and you’ll be able to click the “Track” button to add it to your list. This lets you book your flight at its lowest price.

If you want details…

If you’re looking for a very specific flight, Google Flights can help you find it. Once you type in your “to” and “from” destinations and your dates of travel, you can narrow down your flight search by number of stops, price, airline, time, duration, connecting airports, and more.

You can also check flight prices through the the price graph, which will give you a chart of average flight prices on the days (nearly a month before and after!) surrounding your selected ones. This lets you see which days are cheaper and more expensive to fly than the ones you’ve selected.

The next time you’re looking for a flight, our EWR Airport parking experts recommend giving Google Flights a shot!