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Start Your Holiday Travel at NALTP

Holiday Travel Newark Airport

Are you planning a holiday trip to see friends or family? If so, you’ll need a place to park. At NALTP, we recommend skipping EWR economy parking and making a reservation with us instead. We know exactly how to bring holiday cheer when you start your holiday travel at NALTP. When you park with NALTP, you will avoid many headaches this Holiday season.

No Large EWR Crowds to Deal With

This year, about 7 million Americans will be traveling for the holidays, according to AAA. This means that airports (particularly Newark Airport) will be overcrowded. Most will be hoping for an open parking spot at an EWR economy parking lot, but many will be left disappointed. When you start your holiday travel at NALTP, you won’t have to worry about large crowds or crowded parking lots. We’ll reserve a parking space specifically for you, which will provide you with complete peace of mind before your holiday travels. Avoid the large holiday crowds by parking with NALTP – your reservation is guaranteed.

Traffic at EWR Parking Lots is Frustrating

If you’ve ever parked at an airport, you know how inconvenient traffic can be. And once there, you’ll encounter even more traffic around the terminals. Let us handle the EWR traffic instead of you. Our safe, pleasant shuttle drivers will transport you to the airport in just a few minutes and drop you off exactly at your terminal. We’ll pick you up at EWR and drive you back to our location to retrieve your car. If you start your holiday travel at NALTP and park with us, you’ll never have to deal with large holiday crowds. Simply sit back and unwind!

Expensive EWR Parking Lot Prices

Even though EWR economy parking is popular among airport passengers, it can be very costly. A few days at Newark Airport can add to the money you’ve already spent on your trip, car rental, holiday gifts, and other expenses. We at NALTP aim to help you save money this Holiday season. As a result, we offer extremely competitive parking prices.  You’ll enjoy inexpensive costs regardless of how long you stay, so you can put the extra money you save towards gifts for family and friends when you start your holiday travel at NALTP.

Additional Benefits When You Start Your Holiday Travel at NALTP

The holidays are already stressful enough for many people. Don’t make matters worse by parking at EWR or selecting the wrong airport parking spot. We at NALTP want your holiday to go smoothly, which is why we provide a number of incentives to help keep you stress-free this holiday:

  • Free luggage support
  • 24-hour accessibility
  • Dependable security features
  • Parking club deals and specials (LTP Club)
  • Fast shuttle services
  • Reservations guarantee your parking space
  • Electric vehicle parking stations
  • Excellent customer service and much more

Choose to Park With NALTP This Holiday Season

We want your holiday parking to be a memorable aspect of your trip. Allow us to demonstrate why parking with NALTP is the best option this season when you start your holiday travel at NALTP. Make your reservation today.