The Best (Unconventional) Cities to Visit in Europe

Take a Trip to Somewhere Different

Have you always wanted to visit Europe but you’re not sure where to go? Our EWR Airport parking experts have a few tips for which cities are worth a visit. Here are some of our favorites:

Stockholm, Sweden

Situated right on the water, Stockholm is a beautiful city filled with green spaces, cobblestone streets, unique architecture, and friendly locals. Plus, with the 30,000 islands of the archipelago, there’s plenty of places to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sea breeze.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Head to the capital of Denmark and you’ll find a charming city that’s brimming with what have been called the happiest people in the world. With a focus on accessibility, world-famous fashion, and an overall air of coziness, it’s not hard to see why.

Budapest, Hungary

If you’re a young traveler, Budapest is a great place to visit. With lots of twenty-something-year-olds, a rich culture, and a thrilling night life, you’ll never be bored. In addition, the city offers plenty of shops, cafes, museums, pubs, and beautiful architecture.

Florence, Italy

This beautiful Italian city is filled with masterpieces in both Renaissance art and architecture, with iconic sights such as the Duomo cathedral and Michaelangelo’s David. Visitors can also enjoy great food, great wine, and charming streets lined with local shops.

Barcelona, Spain

If you’re a traveler who likes adventure, head to Barcelona, where there are things to do all over the place. Check out the Spanish beaches, enjoy the views from Monserrat, head to a soccer game, or simply meander through the city’s many museums.

Prague, Czech Republic

When you’re surrounded by gothic architecture, it’s not hard to get lost among the stunning castles, cathedrals, and palaces, not to mention the winding streets and beautifully designed gardens. And as a bonus, Prague is one of the more affordable destinations in Europe.