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The Best Places to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Tired of the same old tradition of getting together at your grandparents’ house in the suburbs and eating a Thanksgiving meal? Liven things up a bit this year and take the family to one of the many great places to spend Thanksgiving in the U.S.

New York City, New York

Be in the middle of it all by heading to the most popular Thanksgiving Day parade – the Macy’s parade in the Big Apple. This year marks the parade’s 88th anniversary. Plus, what better place to be for shopping on Black Friday?

Plymouth, Massachusetts

You can’t get more authentic than the town where the pilgrims spent their first Thanksgiving. You’ll not only enjoy a festival of parades and concerts, you’ll also get a full history lesson by exploring 17th-century living.

San Francisco, California

During this time of year, the Bay Area fog makes for a beautiful setting and you’ll find plenty of great eateries offering up a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Plus, the day after Thanksgiving, you can enjoy the Macy’s Annual Tree Lighting event.

Washington D.C.

When talking about American history, there’s no better place than Washington D.C. Enjoy one of the many attractions commemorating the founding of our country, watch the president pardon the turkey, and more.

St. Augustine, Florida

Speaking of history, and St. Augustine is actually the oldest European-established city in the continental U.S. Roam through the charming streets, discover life before the pilgrims (and the first actual Thanksgiving), and don’t forget the beautiful beaches!

Dallas, Texas

This Southern city dedicates an entire park, chapel, and museum to the tradition of Thanksgiving. In Thanks-Giving Square, visitors can enjoy one of the largest stained-glass pieces in the world, areas for meditation, community events, and more.

Chicago, Illinois

Dive into the Thanksgiving excitement of the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with floats, bands, and holiday spirit. Then head to the largest German Christmas outside of Europe, Christkindlmarket, for some authentic German food and crafts.

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