The Best Time of Year to Go on a Cruise


Here at Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we love cruises! However, there’s usually a high season for each cruise destination when you’ll find higher prices and crowded cruise ships. Try booking a cruise during the low season and you’ll find better deals with fewer people on board. Here’s our advice for when to go to these popular destinations:

The Caribbean

When planning a Caribbean cruise, you can choose nearly any month of the year and it will be beautiful, however there are usually cruise deals at the beginning of December. The rainy season is only August through September, so October through July is your best bet. Just remember to watch for spring breakers in March and April.


People tend to book European cruises June through August, when the weather is warm and the weather is calm. If you want to avoid the crowds, however, book a European cruise in either May or September. Since kids will be back in school, you’ll avoid lots of children and prices will be lower.


Hawaii is another destination that stays warm all year ’round, however, it has a distinct dry season and wet season. The dry season is from April to October and the wet season is from November to March. Hawaii sees about four inches of rainfall every month during the wet season, so for less of a crowd, try booking a cruise between September and mid-December.

The Bahamas

In the Bahamas, the water tends to cool down during winter months, so if you want to spend time in the water, make sure you head down during the summer months. The Bahamas also sees a hurricane season late August through September, so your best bet is to book a cruise in May or June.

The Mediterranean

Most people book their Mediterranean cruise May through August, when the temperatures are warm and the rain is calm. While you’ll have more of a choice of ships, you’ll also see more crowds during this time. To avoid the crowd, try booking a cruise in March, April, September, or October when the weather is milder.


Cruise ships don’t go to Alaska year-round, so if you want to book an Alaskan cruise, you’ll probably see a bit of a crowd. The high season is mid-May through mid-September and is the best time to go, since the rainfall tends to increase in July and August. Just make sure you book your cruise early.

South America

It’s summertime in South America between November and March, so temperatures during this time are nice and warm. Because of this, there are more ships and itineraries to choose from, so people tend to head south during these months. The low season occurs in April and October. We suggest you book a cruise during one of these months because temperatures will be a little milder, but you’ll avoid lots of tourism.


Mexico sees a hurricane season July through October, so the peak of tourist season is during winter months (also because winter months give you the opportunity for whale watching). To book a cruise at a lower price, try going in early November or May. In these months, the weather is still a nice warm temperature.

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