What to Know Before Going on a Cruise

cruiseIf you’ve never taken a cruise before, expect a totally different vacation experience. From your cabin room to budget planning, our EWR Airport parking members can help you with what you need to know before you go:

How to Book a Cruise

Cruises aren’t often spur-of-the-moment vacations – they need to be planned in advance. Most cruisers book their dates 5-8 months in advance because the earlier you book, the more freedom you’ll have to choose your dates and your cabin location.

To book a cruise you can visit the website of a cruise line to book your cruise, but using a travel agent can help you decide which cruise is best for you. A travel agent can also inform you about deals that you may not know are available.

What to Expect

Before you set sail, make sure you have your passport (if needed), photo ID, and any paperwork that you have to fill out. The cabin rooms on cruises tend to be small (unless you booked a larger suite), and are minimally equipped. When you first board the ship, you’ll find a schedule of events in your room, such as shows, comedy events, dances, dinners, and more. Be prepared to spend some time at port – it may be a few hours or it may be as long as a two days. This is a great time to explore the local shopping and dining scene or partake in a tour or leisurely event.

Take All Expenses into Account

There are cruises and then there are “all-inclusive” cruises. With a regular cruise, the booking price will be cheaper, but you’ll have to pay for your meals, drinks, alcohol, and room service. All-inclusive cruises tend to be pricier, but will include your food and drinks (sometimes including alcohol). If you choose to book a regular cruise, keep these expenses in mind when planning. Also take into account the expenses of souvenirs and activities at the destinations you visit.

Airport Parking

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