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When to Buy Plane Tickets

best time to buy plane ticketsIf you’ve ever booked a vacation, you’ve probably wondered how far in advance you should buy your plane tickets. While your instinct is probably to buy them as soon as possible, our EWR Airport parking members know it may actually be a better idea to wait.

Airlines change the prices of plane tickets up to three times a day and they can vary drastically from week to week, so it’s a good idea to start monitoring prices as soon as you decide when you’re going to take your vacation. The lowest prices usually come on Tuesday evenings because after the weekend, some airlines will post tickets at sale prices and by Tuesday evening, others will have matched them.

On average, the best time to buy domestic plane tickets is seven weeks (or 49 days) before the day you depart. For international travel, the best time is usually 11 or 12 weeks in advance. Prices will generally rise about a week and a half before the departure day, with the worst prices being the day before. Ticket prices are also usually high about 200 days before departure, so don’t buy your tickets too early, but don’t buy them too late.

When it comes to holiday travel, however, you should buy your tickets as soon as possible. Ticket prices will usually only rise as travel dates get closer.