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Where Should I Park at Newark Airport?

Where to Park Newark Airport

If your departure is from EWR, it’s crucial to secure a dependable and convenient parking arrangement that you can rely on. Newark Airport offers various parking choices, and there are additional alternatives accessible to you. To select the optimal parking spot at EWR, here are some pointers to consider.

Helpful Info About Where You Should Park at Newark Airport

Numerous parking lots are accessible at Newark Airport, including short-term, daily, and economy parking for travelers who prefer parking at EWR. However, parking in these lots can be costly, hence you might want to consider another option. NALTP provides dependable off-site parking facilities, complemented by a cost-effective rewards program available to all customers.

Daily Parking at EWR

Garage P4 is where you can find the daily parking option at EWR, and it charges a maximum of $40 per day. Please note that taking the AirTrain is mandatory to reach the terminal area if you opt to park in this lot.

EWR Short-Term Parking

If you’re going away for a few days and prefer nearby and accessible parking, short-term parking would be a suitable option for you. It is situated close to the terminal area and costs a maximum of $65 per day.

Economy Parking at EWR

If you are wondering where you should park at Newark Airport and want a cheap option, economy parking, the most distant parking option from the terminal area, charges a maximum of $29 per day. To access the terminals from the economy parking lot, travelers are required to use the shuttle service.

Other Newark Airport Parking Options

Rather than parking at the airport, certain individuals opt for ride-sharing services or off-site parking options. NALTP is among the top off-site parking lots in the vicinity, and here are a few reasons why selecting NALTP for parking is the most practical decision. When asking yourself, “Where should I park at Newark Airport?”, think again about off-site parking options for a superior experience.

Trust NALTP When Deciding Where to Park at Newark Airport

NALTP offers EWR travelers hassle-free and convenient parking services, located just minutes away from Newark Airport. We recognize the inconvenience of parking at EWR, which is why we have tailored our services to minimize your frustration and ensure a stress-free beginning to your journey. Our amenities, such as luggage assistance, a rewards program, and an airport shuttle service, enable us to provide effortless parking each time. Regardless of your trip duration, parking your vehicle at NALTP can be advantageous.

Make Your Reservation at NALTP Today

To avoid the inconvenience of parking at EWR and relish the perks of NALTP, it’s essential to reserve your parking space as soon as possible. If you’ve already booked your flight, you can secure your parking spot today by calling 1-973-466-9100 or visiting our website.

*Rates and information are subject to change.