Which Is for You: A Hotel or a Bed & Breakfast?

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So you’re going on a trip and have all of the details down – the flight, the places you’ll go, the best restaurants… however, you’re not quite sure where you’ll stay. In your research, you’ve probably come across the option of staying at a bed & breakfast and may be wondering whether you should book a bed & breakfast or a hotel. Here, our EWR Airport parking company shares some points to consider:


The prices of hotels and bed & breakfasts vary widely, depending on where you go, if you stay in a major city, and your preference of luxury. If you don’t mind staying at a two-star hotel, it will probably be cheaper than a b&b. If you’re looking for luxury, however, you may find you’ll pay more for a hotel. If the b&b you find is a historic landmark and space is very limited, a hotel may be cheaper. Do your research and consider reading reviews before you make your choice.


The whole idea of a bed & breakfast is to be able to enjoy a homemade breakfast when you wake up. While many hotels offer their own breakfast, they may not measure up to the “comfort food” a b&b may have. Before you book one or the other, find out what kind of food is served for breakfast. This may make or break your decision.


As an EWR Airport parking company, we should emphasize lodging parking situations: When you book a place to stay, you may not think much about parking, but some hotels (many times in large cities) can charge up to $40 a night for parking. Most b&b’s, on the other hand, are small and have their own parking lots.

Social Interactions

Hotel rooms give you a very private way to enjoy your vacation, while bed & breakfasts encourage you to meet and interact with other travelers (as well as the host). Many times, a b&b will hold a community cocktail hour or wine and cheese hour to bring everyone together, so if meeting new people is something you love about traveling, consider a b&b.


The rooms in a hotel may be very comfortable and up to standards, but they all look the same. Rooms in a bed & breakfast, however, tend to have a unique charm and can boast decor that no one else has.


While hotels are often comfortable, bed & breakfasts are designed to be like a “home away from home.” Many times, a b&b is in someone’s actual home, so your surroundings will be a little cozier and more personal than the typical ambiance of a chain hotel.

Kids or Pets

Where you decide to stay may hinge on whether or not you have kids, pets, or both. Some bed & breakfast locations are considered “adult only” while others will cater to children (the majority don’t allow pets). Most hotels, on the other hand, are kid-friendly and some are even pet-friendly.


If you’re a night owl and want to stay out late in the area, you’ll want to check the policies of the local bed & breakfasts. Some may give you a key and let you come and go as you please (like a hotel), but others lock up at a certain time and require you to be in the house before they do.

Whether you stay in a hotel or at a bed & breakfast depends entirely on your personal preference. Before you decide, our EWR Airport parking staff recommend looking into all of the details of each and after you book, don’t forget to make your parking reservation with us.