Why This Summer Is the Best Time to Go to Europe

Europe travel

Have you always wanted to take a trip to Spain? Or France? Or maybe Italy? Well at our EWR Airport parking company, we want you to take the plunge and plan that trip – for this summer. Why this summer? Here are three good reasons:

A Strong Dollar

A few months ago, the euro (the official currency in 19 European countries) fell to its lowest value against the dollar in almost a decade. While that’s good news, the even better news is that it continued to fall and right now, one euro is equal to about $1.08 U.S. dollars. This means that everything from European hotel rooms to train tickets to restaurants is more affordable for Americans than it has been in the past nine years.

Rising U.S. Hotel Rates

Were you thinking of taking a summer vacation somewhere in the U.S.? If so, you’ll probably notice that hotel prices throughout the country are rising. According to Hotels.com, in 2014, hotel prices were 5% higher than they were in 2013, and they’re only expected to keep rising this year. On the other hand, hotel prices in Europe are actually down up to 10% in some areas – which is an even better reason to skip the U.S. and head for Europe!

More Budget Airlines

Budget airlines are on the rise, and with ones like WOW, Norwegian, Airberlin, and more, it’s much easier for Americans to find an affordable flight to Europe. For example: WOW Air offers airfare from the Washington D.C. area to Paris for around $650 round-trip, while Airberlin offers airfare from New York City to Copenhagen for around $690 round-trip. Budget airlines are almost always running specials, so check back regularly to find a great deal.

Places to Go:

Some of the most popular destinations this summer will be:

  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Bordeaux
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Milan
  • Sicily
  • Brussels
  • Croatia

If Europe is your destination this summer, book your trip as soon as possible, because prices are only going to go up for peak season. If you can, our EWR Airport parking company suggests waiting until fall (which is the end of August in the travel industry) to book a vacation. You could save anywhere from 15%-30%.