Don’t Wait to Book Your Holiday Flight

From now until Christmas and New Year’s, you won’t see the prices of flights fluctuate much. Instead, they are just going to go up, which is why our EWR Airport parking company suggests booking your holiday flight as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

On average, you can find the best flight price for domestic travel around 54 days before departure. According to airfare prediction app Hopper, this time of October falls within the 54-day rule, which means booking your flight for Christmas won’t cost you an arm and a leg as long as you book before the week of Halloween.

Unfortunately when it comes to Thanksgiving, the prime time for booking has already passed, but airfare will continue to go up, so book your flight as quickly as you can. When it comes to New Year’s, however, you have a little more time – according to Orbitz, the best flights can be found the first week of November.

Best Days to Fly

Because Thanksgiving and Christmas are such popular times for travel, the most popular days to fly are the days before and days after the holiday. This means flights will likely be at their most expensive November 21st-22nd and the weekend after as well as December 21st-23rd and 26th-28th. To avoid paying more than you’d like to, try getting to your destination early and staying a little later.

For example, heading to your friends’ or family’s place on November 20th instead of the 22nd can save you more than 40%. And traveling December 20th instead of the 23rd can save you more than 35%.

Right after you book your holiday flight, don’t forget to make your parking reservation with our EWR Airport parking company. Our lot fills up fast during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, so make sure you grab a spot as soon as possible.