Corporate Airport Parking for Newark Airport

Corporate Airport Parking

Like Having Your Own Corporate Airport Parking Spot

If you’re a corporate traveler that frequently uses the Newark Airport, then you likely understand the headaches that come with EWR parking. NALTP offers the better alternative, which is corporate airport parking which saves you time, keeps you on schedule, and helps you avoid the hassles, including worrying about your vehicle while you’re away. We not only ensure secure parking around the clock but provide our clients with a wide range of additional benefits, including fast shuttles, one-click pickup requests, free luggage care, guaranteed reservations, and loyalty rewards.

Avoid Newark Airport Parking Lots

If you’ve ever parked at the Newark Airport, then you know how inconvenient it can be, and if not, you may be in for a surprise. The parking lots at the airport weren’t designed to be convenient and practical but rather to squeeze as many vehicles in and turn as much profit as possible. Navigating the parking lots can be a real challenge, and missed flights are not uncommon. Another issue is that there is no surveillance or routine patrols, and you may find the sheer number of incidents, including unreported vehicle damage, vandalism, and thefts, hard to believe.

Fenced Lot with 24-Hour Surveillance

You don’t have to worry when you choose NALTP for corporate airport parking. Our location is open 24 hours a day throughout the year. All of the parking areas are protected by secure fencing. We have a surveillance system that provides full coverage and is monitored around the clock. NALTP also has patrols that check on the parking areas on a routine basis. Leave your vehicle with us knowing that it’ll be in the same excellent condition when you return.

Make Reservation with Newark Airport Long Term Parking

Free NALTP Club Membership

Our NALTP Club is designed to help our loyal corporate airport parking customers save even more on top of our already competitive rates, and joining has absolutely no cost or obligation associated with it. As a club member, you’ll receive our members-only discounted rate. You’ll also have full access to our app features, which include easy reservations, express check-in and check-out, one-tap pickup request, and electronic history of all transactions. You’ll receive 10 LTP points for becoming a new member. You’ll earn another point each time you pay for a day of parking, and you can trade in 10 LTP points for a full free day of parking.

Never Miss a Flight

When you choose NALTP for corporate airport parking, you never have to worry about missing a flight because you won’t have to navigate the parking lot or hurry to your terminal. When you arrive at our location, you’ll take advantage of express check-in. A shuttle will be waiting for you. One of our professional drivers will load your luggage, and then it will take about 2 minutes to get you to the airport.

Enjoy Your Business Trip or Vacation

There’s more to the peace of mind we provide you than just not missing your flight. While your way, you know that your vehicle is protected and safe, and when you return, you just have to tap a single button on our app. One of our drivers will be at your terminal waiting for you.

Corporate Parking Newark Airport

Terminal Pickup After Your Flight

Our way is much more convenient. Upon returning, you won’t have to worry about finding your vehicle and driving home. A NALTP driver will be at your terminal awaiting you. Your driver will then load your luggage for you and then return you to our location where you’ll benefit from express check-out.

Choose NALTP for Corporate Airport Parking

NALTP not only specializes in corporate airport parking at fair rates, but we also provide our clients with excellent value for their dollar. Reserve your appointment today, and if you have any questions about our services, call or contact us online.