EWR Airport Parking

Off-Site Parking Benefits

Off Site Parking Benefits
We all know that EWR airport parking can be a hassle – even on slow days, parking lots can be overcrowded with travelers. This makes parking at the Newark Airport inconvenient and time consuming. There are multiple EWR airport parking lots and which is best for you depends on your terminal. Even if you manage to identify the appropriate lot, you then have to navigate through a crowded area in order to find a spot that is convenient and hopefully safe. Once you park, you then have to gather your luggage and carry it from your parking space to the terminal entrance. Even with proper planning and a bit of luck, many people find themselves pressed for time and scrambling, and if luck isn’t on your side, you may miss your flight! With our parking service, we simplify EWR airport parking, giving you all the off-site benefits you need to park with us every time you travel.

The Many Benefits of Choosing NALTP

There are many great reasons to choose our EWR airport parking services, and it all begins with convenience and peace of mind at a great price. Whether you’re going on vacation or business, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself without worrying about your vehicle. We’ll shuttle you to the airport without the time crunch and other inconveniences. Our team will protect your vehicle while you’re away, and when you return, we’ll get you checked out fast so that you can be on your way home.

Fenced Lot & 24-Hour Surveillance

Whenever you choose on-site EWR airport parking, you’re taking a chance. These parking lots are not secure, and incident rates are high. Vehicles are accidentally damaged. Vandalism is on the rise. Cars are stolen and driven off the lot, and you may also experience stolen parts and theft of possessions. The state your vehicle will be in when you return may worry you throughout your trip, but when you choose NLTP, you get peace of mind. Our parking lot is completely fenced. We monitor it 24/7 via a state-of-the-art surveillance system, and we patrol the parking lot as well. That guarantees that when you get home, your vehicle will be in the same excellent condition it was when you left it with us.

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Our LTP Club Helps You Save Money

The EWR airport parking services that we offer are reliable, convenient, and competitively priced, and by joining our LTP Club, which is completely free to join, helps you save even more. As a plan member, you’ll get an exclusive discounted parking rate. You’ll also earn an LTP Point with each paid day of parking and get 10 free points just for becoming a plan member. You can cash those points in for free days of parking that include all the great benefits of our paid services. You’ll also have access to your personal profile through our smartphone app in addition to many other perks, including express check-in, express check-out, and one-click pick-up!

Fast & Efficient Shuttle Service

Even people who plan ahead and arrive early can miss their flights because on-site parking is often a logistical nightmare. But our EWR airport parking services eliminate that concern. Our location is just a few minutes from the airport. When you arrive, we’ll have a clean and modern shuttle waiting for you. We’ll handle your luggage, and once you’ve settled in, our professional driver will get you to the airport on time, deliver you to your exact departure terminal, and unload your luggage for you.

Reliable Return Shuttle Services

Our shuttles run both ways and are available 24 hours a day throughout the year. Upon arrival, you’ll be able to alert us through our app. We’ll then dispatch one of our professional drivers to your arrival terminal to pick you up. Our driver will load your luggage for you, and once you have settled into your seat, it’ll take just several minutes to return you to our location and get you checked out.

EWR Airport Parking You Can Count On

The next time you need to travel via the Newark Airport, skip the on-site parking lots, and let us take care of you. Peace of mind, secure parking, on-time shuttle services, and express check-in and check-out are just some of the ways we deliver a superior EWR airport parking experience. Book your reservation today, and call or contact us online with any questions that you may have.