EWR Airport Parking


Long Term Parking Near EWR

We know that the last thing you want to do is come back from your vacation or business trip and find that your car has been damaged, tampered with, or worse. That’s why long term parking near EWR Airport needs to be safe and secure. Our company offers a durable fencing system, surveillance, and more to make sure your car stays in pristine condition while you’re away.

Durable Fencing System

One of the most important parts of a secure parking lot is a strong, durable fencing system. At Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we’ve taken the time to choose a reliable fence to protect our cars. When you park with us, it won’t be like parking on the streets or at Newark Airport. Your car will be safely parked behind a barrier that keeps out intruders.


While a strong fence is enough to put one’s mind at ease, we’ve taken security a step further by installing a state-of-the-art surveillance system. We have cameras set up throughout our parking lot to not only monitor activity in real time, but also to record. This lets us ensure that there are no disruptions or problems in the area.

In addition to cameras, we also enforce on-foot surveillance. Our staff members patrol our parking lot on a regular basis to make sure each and every one of our cars is safe and free from disturbance. All of our surveillance is done under a premium lighting system so that we can see everything that happens.

Long Term Parking Near EWR

When it comes to EWR Airport parking, we know that trust is an important thing that travelers look for in a company. We’re proud to say that we’ve gained the full trust of many regular customers and add to our list every day. We work hard to make sure our parking is the best in the area and that our customers are well taken care of. To make sure this happens, we offer shuttles that run frequently all day, every day. We also offer luggage assistance and an overall friendly experience. Make a reservation today and see the difference.