FAQs for Newark Airport Parking

Our FAQ page answers your questions about our payment process, hours and location, shuttles, reservation information, and security. If you can’t find the answer to your question on this page, feel free to contact our Newark Airport overnight parking location.

How Does it Work?+

Question: When you come in to park?

Answer: Pull up to the lane of your choice for Newark Airport parking (Self-Park or Valet-Park).

Self-Parking: To enter the facility, press the button and take a ticket. Follow signs for Self Park and park your vehicle in the next available space (keep keys with you). You may then wait either by your car or under the nearest bus stop shelter and a shuttle will come around to pick you up in 5 minutes or less. Once aboard the shuttle; you’ll receive a card with the location of your parking spot, the number to call for pick-up and the directions for your return. The shuttle will then drop you off right at your terminal.

Valet Parking: To enter the facility, push the button to open the gate. Continue straight towards the front office and pull into one of the valet parking lanes on your right (leave keys in the car). While you check-in, an NALTP attendant will unload your luggage, and park your vehicle for you. After we confirm your car and return information, you’ll receive a card with your claim check number, the number to call for pick-up and the directions for your return. The shuttle will then drop you off right at your terminal.

Question: On your return?

Answer: Once you’re in the airport and ready to go (after collecting luggage from baggage claim); call or text the 800 # on the card we gave you with your terminal information. Then, proceed directly to the designated pick-up area where one of our shuttles will pick you up in 5 minutes.

If you Self Parked: Once you return to our facility, the shuttle will take you right to your vehicle and an LTP associate will unload your luggage for you. From there, proceed to the booth in exit lane 1 and complete your check-out to exit the parking lot.

If you Valet Parked: Once you return to our facility, the shuttle will drop you off at the front office where your vehicle will be pulled up waiting for you. While you complete your checkout at the front desk, an LTP associate will unload your luggage from the shuttle into your car. From there, proceed directly to exit lane 1 and scan your receipt to exit the parking lot.

What do I need to bring to Newark Airport Long Term Parking on my departure day?

Answer: You are not required to bring anything with you on your departure day. We are a 100% paperless facility and we place an emphasis on making things as easy for you as possible. If you are using our app you can scan into our lot using your e-card. If not, we are able to look you up in our system using your last name.


Question: What are the accepted payment methods for your Newark Airport parking services?

Answer: We accept cash, VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Diners, and Discover.

Question: Do you charge an hourly parking rate?

Answer: No. The services we offer at our parking facility are based on 24-hour intervals with a two hour grace period. Our intervals start at the time you park and end when you return to our lot.

Question: Does the 15% city parking tax apply to your services?

Answer: Yes. We are required by the city of Newark to collect a 15% parking tax from every customer.

Question: Should I prepay when making a Newark Airport overnight parking reservation?

Answer: Yes, we require payment in full when you make your reservation. Paying up front guarantees your vehicle a parking space at our facility for the dates you select. Please note that the parking fee is fully refundable up to the date and time of the start of your reservation.

Question: Is there a charge for using the Newark Airport Long Term Parking shuttle vans?

Answer: Van usage comes standard with our services, but tips are welcome and appreciated if the service warrants it.

Question: How much is long term parking at Newark Airport LTP?

Answer: There are three different rates for Newark Airport long term parking based on how you make a reservation. For the best deal, sign up for our LTP Club and get our lowest prices. Or you can make a reservation online and select if you want valet or self parking when arriving at our lot. The last option is to pay at the lot which is the most expensive choice for our customers.

Question: how much is short term parking at Newark Airport LTP?

Answer: We offer the same rate for long term and short term Newark Airport parking services. Either sign up for the LTP Club, make a reservation online, or pay directly at the lot. At Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we make it as easy as possible to make a reservation.

Hours and Location+

Question: What are the Newark Airport Long Term Parking service hours?

Answer: We provide parking service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Question: Where is the Newark Airport Long Term Parking lot located?

Answer: Our address is 43 Olympia Dr., Newark, NJ 07114.

Question: Is your parking service affiliated with Newark Liberty Airport?

Answer: No. We are a private company, operating in the Newark area for over 25 years.


Question: How do I get to and from the Newark Liberty Airport?

Answer: Our shuttle service runs every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day. Shuttles drop off and pick-up at each Newark Liberty Airport terminal.

Question:  After I arrive at the Newark Airport Long Term parking lot, how do I get to the Newark Liberty Airport?

Answer:  After arriving at our facility, one of our shuttles will take you and your luggage to your Newark Liberty Airport departure gate. We are a short 2-3 minute shuttle ride to the terminals and our shuttles run every 5 minutes or less.

Question: Do your shuttles have car seats available for infants?

Answer: Shuttles are treated just like a public bus, so car seats are not required. But you are welcome to use your own car seat if you prefer.

Question:  How do I return to the Newark Airport Long Term Parking lot after I get back from my trip?

Answer:  When you arrive back at Newark Liberty Airport and after you’ve claimed your luggage, call the number on the claim check that you received when you arrived at our parking facility.  Give our dispatcher your claim check number and the TERMINAL where you are and they will tell you where to stand to meet the shuttle vans that will bring you back to the Newark Airport Long Term Parking lot.

Question: Is there a shuttle van dispatch number I should use?

Answer: For shuttle van assistance please use dial the number 908-200-7165.

Question: Can I have shuttle van drivers take me somewhere other than Newark Airport?

Answer: No, our shuttle vans provide transportation to and from Newark Airport only.

Reservation Information+

Question: Why do I have to prepay in full when making a parking reservation?

Answer: Paying up front guarantees your vehicle a parking space at our Newark Airport Parking facility for the dates you select. It also provides a quicker check-out experience on your return.

Question: Is my prepay refundable?

Answer: Reservations with us guarantee you a spot to park. This reservation is refundable up to the start date and time of the reservation. Reservation is non-refundable after the start date and time. We hold that spot open for you and your car. You have until the start of your reservation to cancel. If you do not show up, we have held the spot for you and you have taken away our opportunity to sell the spot to other persons. Once that time has passed you forfeit your payment.

**If we can not provide you a spot we will refund your full payment and pay for you to park at any another facility. (A receipt from the facility with matching start and ending dates that match your reservation with us must be presented for payment.)

Question: How far in advance, prior to my trip, should I make a Newark Airport parking reservation?

Answer: Booking with us as soon as possible is typically the best way to make sure that our services are available.

Question: Are reservations required in order to park?

Answer: We will park you with or without a reservation if parking spaces are available. But if you have a reservation your spot will be guaranteed, so always try to reserve.

Question: How much earlier should I arrive at the Newark Long Term Airport parking lot in order to be on time for my flight?

Answer: You should arrive at our facility about 10 minutes before you would like to arrive at the airport.

Question: When booking my reservation, do my lot arrival and lot return time need to be exact?

Answer: Your lot arrival time and lot return time are approximate. We are looking for what time you think you’ll be dropping off and picking up your car. We do not hold you to the exact times on your reservation.


Question:  Is your Newark Airport parking service responsible if valuables go missing from my car while it’s parked at your facility?

Answer:  We provide all of the necessary security that you would expect from a high-level airport parking solution: video cameras, fencing, lighting, security, etc., but we cannot be responsible for belongings left in your car.  If you want to guarantee the security of your items, please do not leave them in your car.  This is true in ANY parking situation.

Question:  What if when I return, I find damage on my vehicle that occurred while it was parked at your facility?  Whose insurance will cover the damage?

Answer:  Your insurance company.  It would be the same situation if you parked your car in any other parking lot.  For example:  Your friend borrows your car to go shopping and they park it in a shopping center lot.  While they are shopping, something happens to your car and it is damaged.  Those damages would be covered by the vehicle owner’s insurance policy.