Booking a Flight

Discount Parking at EWR Airport
When scheduling your journey, our Newark Airport parking members suggest you leave at least 90 minutes in between flights. This way you won’t miss your next flight if your first flight is delayed or got a late start. Don’t forget to make a reservation at NALTP and enjoy discount parking at EWR Airport.

Take advantage of e-Tickets when you book a flight online. It lets you pick up your ticket when you arrive at the airport.

Be aware that changes or a cancellation to your flight may come with a hefty fine (anywhere between $50 and 200).

Use a website designed to compare flights and rates so you can be aware of all options.

Delayed or Cancelled Flights

  • To avoid a delayed flight, book the first flight of the day. Our Newark Airport parking members will tell you that these flights are usually always on time.
  • If your flight is cancelled, head toward the check-in desk or if the line is long, call the airline to avoid all other options being already taken.
  • Keep a book or game in your carry-on bag to keep yourself busy while you wait on a delayed or cancelled flight.

Ways to Save Money

  1. The cheapest day to fly is Wednesday, followed by Tuesday and Saturday. Some airlines even offer discounted tickets that are only good on those days.
  2. Do an online search for discounted first-class tickets. If you find one, you could fly first-class for the price of an economy ticket!
  3. Our Newark Airport parking members know it’s usually cheaper to fly out of a large airport in a major city than it is to fly out of a small airport.
  4. Consider flying a low-cost airline instead of a full-service airline. Because low-cost airlines eliminate many traditional passenger services, they can offer cheaper fares.

Know Your Airline

Don’t rely on Rule 240 if something goes wrong. Become familiar with your airline’s policy and keep a copy of it with you so you’ll know your rights and what you can do in an unplanned situation.

Discount Parking at EWR Airport

If you are looking for a discount on EWR parking services, please contact us today or make a reservation.