Steps Before Departure

Best Parking Near Newark Airport
Because of the high volume of travelers, the members of our Newark Airport parking service suggest you arrive at the airport early. We encourage you to find out why we are considered the best parking facility near Newark Airport.

To get through the security line faster, make sure you’re prepared.

Luggage Regulations

Our Newark Airport parking members tend to fly with luggage that is easily recognizable (like brightly colored or oddly shaped). This makes it easier to locate at baggage claim.

Most airlines allow two carry-on bags (a purse is considered a carry-on) that can fit in their overhead compartment or under the seat. The general rule-of-thumb is if the bag’s length, width, and height add up to be 45 inches or less, it will be fine.

Any liquids in your carry-on bags must be in bottles no larger than 3 ounces and placed in a 1-quart plastic zip-locked bag for security guards to check separately.

Items according to the Transportation Security Administration that are prohibited from being stored in carry-on luggage include:

At our Newark Airport parking facility, we recommend you bring your essentials (underwear, toothbrush, socks, etc.) and valuables on the flight. That way, if the airline loses your luggage, you’ll have everything you need until you can get it back.

For checked luggage, regulations vary by airline.

Best Parking Near Newark Airport

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