Newark Liberty Airport Parking

Newark Liberty Parking

Great for All Kinds of Travelers

Every day, all kinds of travelers pass through Newark Liberty International: business travelers, families, solo travelers, frequent fliers, senior citizens, and more. No matter what kind of traveler you are, we know you’ll love our Newark Liberty parking. Not only is it fast, but it’s easy to use, making it perfect for both beginner and experienced travelers.

Safe, Convenient, Affordable

Three of the most important things people look for when choosing their Newark Liberty parking is safety, convenience, and affordability. Luckily, NALTP has all three!


Our facility boasts a strong fencing system, video surveillance, lots of bright lighting, and alert staff members who are on patrol 24/7 to make sure nothing happens to your car while you’re away.


When it comes to convenience, NALTP is located just a few miles away from Newark Liberty Airport, which means you won’t have to travel far on our shuttle system.


And lastly, we know parking is the last thing you want to pay for after an exciting vacation or a long business trip. That’s why we offer affordable rates every single day to help you stick to your budget.

Newark Liberty Airport Parking

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