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Rapp Pallet

I would absolutely recommend. I used valet and it was fantastic. It was my first time there and I wasn't' a 100% sure what I was doing but one of the shuttle drivers did not hesitate to assist with direction. Check- in was quick, travel to the airport was quick, there was already a shuttle at the airport when I made it outside of the airport and the return trip was quick. My vehicle was ready to go when we arrived back at the lot. If I have to fly out of that airport again I will definitely park there again.

gary reed

This place is awesome!! The staff is amazing especially Kenny, Moe, and Alexandra!! Also the shuttle drivers!! Super easy and close to the airport. Definitely use the valet service especially in the winter. I arrived from an international flight and the shuttle car was outside as soon as I cleared customs and my car was waiting with the heat on!! I will use this place every time I travel out of Newark Airport!!

maya carcor

Ok, I read in the reviews that they charge for 1 additional day if you come too late. So, I planned accordingly but my flight had a 2-hour delay and guess what, they indeed charged me 1 extra day for being 10 minutes late... I recommend entering as much time as you can under the 24h line. What was a bit confusing was that, when you enter, you only need to get a ticket, no need to check in, say your name, booking number, or anything like that. You go to the office and pay only when picking up the car. Everything else was fine! The shuttle comes very often, the ride to the airport is quite fast and I didn‘t even have to wait for getting picked up from the airport.

Rosemarie Mazzei

Newark long term parking is a real find! It's efficiently run and a God send at the end of a long trip. We've used valet parking several times and they have our car running and cleaned off, in the case of snow, when we come to pick it up. They also have a shuttle that runs back and forth to your terminal. Great service!!

Seth Michael Serrano

Would recommend. Pickup/dropoff to the airport was quick and easy. Place is fairly easy to find. Check in/out was simple. Car was running and waiting for me when we got back to the lot and I even feel like it looked cleaner than when I left it. One of the better airport parking experiences I've had.

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Our most recent review, by Stephen M.

Usually park at Laguardia so had to read some reviews before parking here at Newark. The experience was outstanding from start to end. Very friendly... read on yelp