Discover Beauty and History

Looking for something to do while you’re in Newark? Why not visit one of the city’s many beautiful and historical attractions? Here are three of our Newark Airport parking company’s favorites:

Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

If you like beautiful Gothic Revival-style architecture and the history tied to cathedrals, don’t miss the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart. This cathedral is the fifth-largest cathedral in North America and was built from 1899-1954. Today, it’s the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark and a stunning attraction in Newark. Head to the cathedral for a traditional Catholic mass and you’ll experience the largest pipe organ ever built by the Schantz Organ Company. Or, simply take a tour through the beautiful, historic building.

Newark Attractions

Newark Public Library

Whether you’re an avid reader or you’re simply looking for something to do, head to The Newark Public Library. The library has eight different locations and serves as a Statewide Reference Center for all of New Jersey. Its main location on Washington Street opened in the late 1800s and has since been offering a variety of book collections, exhibits, programs, events, and services to locals. Our Newark Airport parking company suggests discovering a unique read, taking a learning class, or participating in an event like a poetry workshop, board game day, music trivia, and more.

Ironbound Neighborhood

Stroll through Newark’s historic Ironbound neighborhood and discover a welcoming, close-knit community. It’s been said that the four square-mile area got its name from the interconnecting railroad tracks that run through it and the Ironbound was a rural town until the 1820s, when German and Irish immigrants settled here. The neighborhood has the vibe of a quaint European market town, with many different restaurants, bars, bakeries, cafes, grocery stores, and more, owned by small business individuals. In addition, there are beautiful green areas like Independence Park and Riverbank Park for walks, picnics, jogs, and more.

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