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While the city of Newark has lots to do indoors, there’s always something to enjoy outdoors. Here, you’ll find some suggestions from our car parking location near Newark Airport for things to do in the area’s parks and outdoor activities to enjoy.

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Branch Brook Park

Branch Brook Park is the nation’s first county park and has been a favorite among locals and visitors for years. Every spring, people head to the park to enjoy the 2,700 cherry trees that blossom with pink and white flowers. In fact, Branch Brook Park has the largest cherry tree blossom collection in the U.S. Throughout the rest of the year, there’s much to enjoy at the park. Take a historic guided tour, play a game of basketball, tennis, horseshoes, or bocce ball, enjoy a picnic by the brook, or even skate at the roller rink. Branch Brook Park offers 360 acres of beautiful green space in the northwest corner of Newark.

Thomas Edison National Historic Park

If you’re a fan of history, our Newark Airport parking company suggests heading to Thomas Edison National Historic Park right outside of Newark in West Orange, New Jersey. This park is home to the famous inventor’s laboratory, where he developed the motion picture camera, sound recordings, advanced phonographs, the alkaline electric storage battery, and more. It’s also home to Edison’s residence, known as Glenmont. Visitors can tour both the laboratory and Glenmont to learn more about the famous American and his sixty years of work. In fact, the collections at Thomas Edison National Historic Park are the largest single body of Edison-related material extant.

Military Park

This six-acre triangular park in downtown Newark began as a training ground for soldiers during the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812. Today, it’s a beautiful green space where you can enjoy a wide variety of activities. You’ll find a farmers’ market, children’s garden, movies in the park, live concerts, a meditation lawn, a reading room, fitness classes, board games, a carousel, a floral display, and even an in-park restaurant named BURG. The park is also home to several monuments honoring important individuals like John F. Kennedy, Philip Kearny, Frederick Frelinghuysen, and more.

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