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A Guide to Newark Airport Parking

Check out this guide for more information about Newark Airport parking, terminals, shops, restaurants, services, and the AirTrain.

Newark International Airport

Located between Newark and Elizabeth, New Jersey, Newark International Airport is one of the major airports in the New York metropolitan area. Formerly known as Newark Metropolitan Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport first opened on October 1st, 1928. The airport was built on 68 acres of marsh and served the New York area as the only airport for 11 years. The airport’s first terminal, the Art Deco Administration building, was constructed in 1934.

Newark Airport Parking

During World War II, Newark International Airport was closed for commercial flights and used by the army for logistical operations. The airport reopened for commercial use in 1964, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey promptly began construction. Adding more terminals, rental car facilities, a monorail system, and two maintenance buildings. By the 1990s, Newark Airport was bustling with domestic and international travelers.

Tragedy struck on September 11, 2001, when United Airlines Flight 93 left Newark International Airport on its way to San Francisco. The plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after a struggle between the four hijackers and forty passengers erupted. Sadly no one survived the crash, and in 2002, the airport was given the name Newark Liberty International Airport to pay homage to the innocent passengers who lost their lives.

Newark International Airport is United Airline’s third-largest hub. Over 30 million passengers travel each year from EWR. Newark International has three terminals (A, B, and C), and over 30 airlines offer flights from EWR. The airport’s address is 3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114.

Fun Fact: Did you know the International Air Transport Association assigns airport codes. Codes beginning with the letter N are reserved by the U.S. Navy. Therefore, other letters in the city name of Newark were used to make up the code. nEWaRk

Newark Airport Parking

Newark Airport offers onsite parking options including daily, short-term, economy, and valet parking. On the Newark Airport website, you will be able to review the percentage of available parking spaces in each lot, and you can pre-book parking reservations on EWR’s website.

From the daily parking lot, travelers can get to the airport using the AirTrain, and there is a shuttle bus that runs regularly from the economy lot. Handicap spaces are available for those with limited mobility, along with electric car charging stations, emergency vehicle services, and E-ZPass accepted payments.

Newark Airport Parking Rates

Parking LotPrice
Short Term~ $39 per day
Daily Parking~ $34 per day
Economy Parking~ $18 per day
Valet Parking~ $40 per day

Newark Airport parking rates vary by lot. Depending on your parking needs and personal preferences, you can select short term, daily, economy, or valet parking.

Newark Airport parking in the short term lot costs approximately $39 per day*. This lot is ideal for people who are picking up or dropping off passengers or those who are going on very short trips. The Newark Airport parking rates for the short term lot are $5 for a half-hour. You will be charged in half-hour increments before reaching the $39 daily maximum. The short term parking lot is located near terminals A and B.

Parking in the daily parking lot costs approximately $34 per day* and it can be accessed via the AirTrain. The Newark Airport daily parking rates are the same as the rates for the short term parking lot listed above. This parking lot is meant to accommodate travelers going on short trips who don’t mind being a bit further away from the terminal.

The Newark Airport parking rates* for the economy lot are $18 for the first 24 hours and $6 dollars for each eight-hour period after. With a daily maximum of $18, parking in the economy lot can save you money if you don’t mind parking three miles away from Newark Airport. You will be able to take the shuttle to and from the airport from this lot. It offers the best onsite Newark Airport parking rates and is ideal if you’re taking a long trip.

Valet parking at Newark Airport costs $40 per day* and is an ideal option for travelers who want to skip the hassle of finding a parking spot themselves. A $20 fee will be charged for each twelve-hour period if you choose to park in the valet lot at Newark Airport.

Newark Airport Long Term Parking offers both self and valet parking solutions

Newark Airport Terminals

Newark International Airport Terminals

The Newark Airport terminals are arranged into a semi-circle and serve domestic, international, and United Airlines flights. Learn a little more about terminals A, B and C.

Terminal A

Terminal A features Concourses A1, A2 and A3 and has four distinct levels. This terminal only hosts U.S. and regional flights.

Terminal B

Terminal B is solely for international travelers. Owned by the Port Authority, Terminal B features Concourses B1, B2 and B3 and is divided into three levels.

Terminal C

Terminal C is the largest and most interesting of the Newark Airport terminals. It has five levels and includes Concourses C1, C2, and C3. This terminal is owned by United Airlines and offers travelers a wide selection of delicious culinary options.

To find which terminal your airline is located at, please visit Newark Airport’s website.

AirTrain Newark

AirTrain Newark is a quick and easy way to get around EWR and the surrounding areas. For those navigating Newark Airport, the AirTrain is free to use. You can also take the AirTrain from Newark to connect to the New Jersey transit or to get to Philadelphia, points south, Manhattan, and points north by purchasing a ticket.

Whether you need to get to your connecting terminal, rental car pickup, hotel shuttle, or one of the Newark Airport parking lots, AirTrain Newark can get you there fast.

From five am to midnight, the AirTrain runs every three minutes. Between midnight and five am, it runs every fifteen minutes. Travel times to terminals range from nine to eleven minutes. AirTrain Newark conveniently connects travelers from the parking lot to their terminal in the blink of an eye. The AirTrain is handicap accessible and allows baggage, strollers, luggage carts, bicycles, and pets onboard.

Connections within the airport are smooth and hassle-free. Elevators and escalators are in place to make travel easy on passengers. Travelers leaving the airport have easy access to PATH and Amtrak, so getting to Trenton, New York City, and Philadelphia is a breeze.

Shops & Restaurants at Newark Airport

Newark Airport has no shortage of fantastic restaurants, coffee shops, stores, bars, and beauty salons. EWR is like a small city bustling with things to do while passengers await their flight. If you’re flying from Newark International Airport, rest assured you’ll never be hungry, bored, or stranded without coffee.


Countless places to purchase reading materials for your flight can be found in each of Newark Airport’s terminals. Pick up a great book or an interesting magazine so you can be entertained from takeoff to touchdown.

Many duty-free shops can also be found at Newark Airport. These stores offer a tax-free shopping experience, allowing you to pick up the things you need and save a little money.

Whether you need a pair of headphones or a portable phone charger, you will be able to shop for electronics at all of the terminals. These stores are especially helpful if you forgot your charger at home. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination with no way to charge your device.

Clothing and accessory retailers can be found around the airport. Take a shopping spree while you wait for your connecting flight or pick up a few things for your vacation.

The airport is the perfect place to pick up any last-minute souvenirs you may have forgotten. Grab gifts for loved ones before heading back home or pick up something cool for yourself before boarding.


Grab and go options are by far the most popular choice for travelers at Newark Airport. There are plenty of places to grab a quick bite to eat. Whether you fancy sandwiches, pizza, fast food, or something a little heartier, the grab and go eateries at EWR can make you a meal in a hurry. Traditional, sit-down restaurants are also available. Options like Italian, Mediterranean, seafood, and Irish pubs are available for travelers to enjoy a tasty meal.

Coffee Shops

Newark Airport features a wide selection of coffee shops that can be found in each terminal. Mainstream coffee shops and lesser-known cafes are here to help EWR travelers get their caffeine fix on early morning flights or whenever the need for coffee may strike.


If you are stuck on a long layover or need to take the edge off before your flight, there are plenty of bars to choose from at EWR. Just pick your type of drink and one of the airport bartenders will be happy to serve you.

Beauty and Spa

At Newark Airport, you will be able to purchase your cosmetic necessities before boarding your flight. Whether you want to pick up some hand cream or you want to grab your favorite lipstick, you will be able to do so if you are flying from Terminal C.

Terminal C also features a massage parlor and nail salon. Look your best and feel refreshed before leaving or after you arrive in Newark. There’s nothing like a relaxing massage to melt away travel stress.

Benefits & Services Available

At Newark Airport, people have access to many benefits and services to make their travels easier. Mothers, pet owners, and everyone else can enjoy these helpful services when they travel from EWR.

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*Rates and information are subject to change. Information was last updated May 2020.