Safe and Secure Newark Airport Parking

Safe and Secure Parking

Newark Long Term Parking is the parking solution that offers our customers the safety and security their vehicles deserve. No one wants to spend their trip wondering if their car is going to be in the same condition as they left it when they return. That can make your trip more stressful than it should be. We take the worrying out of EWR parking because our customers are important to us. We want to help you make your trip as enjoyable as possible by giving you the chance to take advantage of our safe and secure Newark Airport parking services.

Reasons to Avoid Newark Airport Parking Lots

There are many reasons that we recommend an off-location secure Newark Airport parking solution rather than parking at the airport itself. Perhaps the biggest issue is that those lots are designed to maximize the space available and turn as much profit as possible. That means that the lots are not designed with security in mind. In fact, there is minimal security for the parking areas. Damage to vehicles, vandalism, and thefts occur on a routine basis, and EWR is not held liable.

Another issue is the limited space. More than 3 million people visit EWR every day, and many of them park their cars there, and it is not uncommon to waste significant time just finding a parking place. These areas are also inconvenient. You may be parked at the airport, but you’re actually far away from the terminals and now have to contend with finding the appropriate terminal while handling your heavy luggage and perhaps your children. Last but not least is the issue of cost. The airport makes you pay a premium for the privilege of parking there.

Fenced Parking Lot With 24-Hour Monitoring

NALTP has three decades of experience providing safe and secure Newark Airport parking and keeping our customers’ vehicles protected. We take great pride in ensuring that your vehicle is in the same condition in which you left it. We have trained and experienced staff on-site around the clock. The entire area where our customers’ vehicles are kept is fenced. Our location also has a sophisticated, 24-hour surveillance system, and we actively patrol the parking area as well.

Countless Benefits When Choosing NALTP

There are many reasons to choose our secure Newark Airport parking service when you go on vacation or travel on business. You will never have to worry about limited space. You can reserve your parking with us in advance, and we guarantee that the spot will be available when you arrive. Location is also not a concern. Our site is just several minutes from the airport, and our shuttle service is included with your paid parking. It is also a lot cheaper to park with us. We offer among the lowest rates for secure Newark Airport parking available, include many additional benefits at no extra charge, and provide you with additional ways to save, such as our LTP Club.

Make Reservation with Newark Airport Long Term Parking

Take Advantage of Our EWR Parking Shuttle Service

Our EWR parking shuttle service is what makes us the most convenient choice for secure Newark Airport parking. Many people miss their flights due to parking issues, and having a flight canceled or delayed can be a real headache. But these problems don’t exist when you choose us. We have shuttles that are modern, clean, and comfortable. Our professional drivers are highly experienced and will load and unload all of your luggage for you. It takes just several minutes to get from our location to the airport, and we’ll drop you at your precise terminal and pick you up in that manner as well.

Save Even More as an LTP Club Member

Save money and become an LTP Club member to get a discounted rate on parking. This program is free to join and has no fees associated with it at all. All members have access to an LTP Club app through which you can make reservations, access your profile and history, and request pick-up with a single tap. You’ll also get an LTP Club E-Card that lets you skip the front desk and enjoy express check-in and check-out. All members earn an LTP Point with each paid day of parking. You’ll also get 10 free points just for joining, and you can use those points for free days of parking that include all the same benefits as if you paid.

Shuttle Service

Secure Newark Airport Parking You Can Count On

Our secure Newark Airport parking services give you the peace of mind you deserve, and it lets you enjoy your vacation or focus on your business without having to worry about your vehicle. Become an LTP Club member and make your reservation today, and please call us at or contact us online if you have any questions about secure Newark Airport parking or the ancillary services we offer.