Safe and Secure Parking

Safe and Secure Parking
Newark Long Term Parking is the parking solution that offers our customers the safety and security their vehicles deserve. No one wants to spend their trip wondering if their car is going to be in the same condition as they left it when they return. That can make your trip more stressful than it should be. We take the worrying out of EWR parking because our customers are important to us. We want to help you make your trip as enjoyable as possible by giving you the chance to take advantage of our safe and secure Newark Airport parking services.

Forget the Parking Garage

The EWR parking garage is unsupervised, which means while you’re gone, somebody could bump into your car, damage it, vandalize it, or break into it. When you choose to park with Newark Airport Long Term Parking, however, your car will be in a parking lot that is completely fenced off and regularly patrolled by our employees to make sure that everything is in order.

Secure Newark Airport Parking

Our lot also features a high-tech security surveillance system that is monitored by our staff 24 hours a day. We always have our eyes on the lot because we want to make sure that your car is safe and that no matter where your travels take you, you can be confident we’ll take care of it.

Security You Can Count On

Trust Newark Airport Long Term Parking with your car the next time you travel. Our EWR Airport parking services come standard with the security you expect from the best. We will provide you with the confidence you need to be certain that while you are away, your car will be protected. Make a reservation with our Newark Airport parking lot today.