8 Ways to Travel Safer

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Overall, the world is a pretty safe place for individuals to travel. However, there are always risks. Whether you take a three-week trip to Europe or opt for a simple weekend getaway in Florida, it’s important to keep yourself, your travel companions, and your belongings safe. Here are some tips from our EWR Airport parking company.

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5 Reasons to Join a Hotel Rewards Program

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At Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we love rewards programs (which is why we offer our LTP Club!). When you join a rewards program, it shows your loyalty to a company and in return, that company awards you points each time you stay with them. Today, there are many different hotel programs you can join, from Best Western to Hyatt to Hilton and more – and there are many great reasons to join them.

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How to Eat Healthy at 30,000 Feet

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Airline food has always had a bad reputation and while more and more airlines are working to make their menus healthier, it can still be tough to know what to choose. Hearing your stomach growl during a flight isn’t the best feeling, but if you’re hungry, our Newark Airport parking company has some tips for eating well while you’re in the air.

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6 Reasons to Consider TSA PreCheck

If it seems like you’re always at the airport getting ready for another business trip or traveling the world, you may want to consider enrolling in the TSA PreCheck program. The application only takes a few minutes and if you’re accepted, you’ll enjoy faster trips through security and an overall more convenient experience at the airport.

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